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He spent most of his career at Sports Illustrated.

prostate adenocarcinoma wiki

During Operation Bodenplatte, the German Luftwaffe's last offensive operation, Creamer was on the ground watching the aerial combat around him. A German Bf fighter roared into make a strafing run on Creamer's position.

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Creamer ducked behind a mound of dirt, then pulled out his. Creamer described it as trying "to hit a fly with a BB gun.

prostate adenocarcinoma wiki

Creamer was one of the first hired on the staff of Sports Illustrated in He served the magazine as a senior editor from inception toand wrote the weekly Scorecard section of the magazine. He also wrote for The New York Times.

prostate adenocarcinoma wiki

Creamer's lone novel, A Resemblance to Persons Living and Prostate adenocarcinoma wiki, is loosely based on politics, personages, and the environs of Tuckahoe and the town of Eastchester, New York. Ken Burns In retirement, Creamer occasionally wrote retrospective articles for SI and could be seen on television commenting on historical moments in sports, many of which he prostate adenocarcinoma wiki covered.

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Creamer died of prostate cancer on July 18, in Saratoga Springs.