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European Code against Cancer: 12 ways to reduce your cancer risk. Prostate cancer overview.

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Part 2: metastatic prostate cancer. Br J Nurs. Prostate cancer epidemiology in the United States. World J Urol.

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The economic burden of prostate cancer. A systematic literature overview of registry-based studies. Irodalmi áttekintés. Prostate cancer in elderly men.

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Rev Urol. The current situation of cancer morbidity and mortality in the light of the National Cancer Registry, Hungary.

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Prostate cancer in Iran: trends in incidence and morphological and epidemiological characteristics. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. Psychosocial status of Hungarian cancer patients. A descriptive study. Psychosocial analysis of cancer: theoretical introduction to helpers.

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Life with prostate cancer from the patients perspective: The result of a national survey. Physical dimensions of quality of life in dialysis and kidney transplant patients.

prostate cancer trials uk 2022

Health behaviour, behavioural change and personalised nutrition: the conception of lifelong health. Credibility and value orientation in marketing.

10 August 2010(vol 341, issue )

Hitelesség és értékorientáció a marketingben. Health behaviours among breast, prostate and colorectal cancer survivors: a US population-based case-control study, with comparisons by cancer type and gender.

prostate cancer trials uk 2022

J Cancer Surviv. Prostate cancer progression and mortality: a review of diet and lifestyle factors. Men managing cancer: a gender analysis.

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Sociol Health Illn. Cost-effectiveness analysis of intensity-modulated radiation therapy with normal and hypofractionated schemes for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. Eur J Cancer Care Engl. Age-group prostate cancer trials uk 2022 gap between treatment cost of and mortality due to breast and colorectal cancer. J Clin Oncol.


The role of immunochemical testing for colorectal cancer. Lancet Oncol. Price competition and reimbursement of biosimilar granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in Hungary. Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res.

Health economics of oncology care: financial effect of performance volume limit PVL. Assessment of annual health insurance reimbursement for oncology drugs in Hungary.

Health insurance pharmaceutical expenditures in Hungary. Analysis of the utilization of one-day surgery in Hungary. The organization and results of first screening round of the Hungarian nationwide organised breast cancer screening programme.

prostate cancer trials uk 2022

Ann Oncol. Prevention of cervical cancer in low-resource settings. JAMA ; — Relationships between physical and mental health according to representative surveys. Food habits, lifestyle factors and risk of prostate cancer in Central-Argentina: a case-control study involving self-motivated health behavior modifications after diagnosis.

prostate cancer trials uk 2022

Nutrients ; 8: Definitions of health literacy. The frequency of obesity in Hungarian schoolchildren. Health status and health behavior in active aged workers.